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Let’s use what’s left of this Leap Day to catapult into the future by asking what will the real estate industry look like in the NEXT Leap Year — 2020?

Because we’re eager to begin creating a public awareness / consumer education campaign on Anchor.fm, this blog post will be short on text and long on keywords.

Click on any of the links below, and you’ll see a history of what RealEstateCafe has blogbed about over the past decade.  Our passion is at the intersection of real estate, technology and consumer advocacy, but we recognize that you can’t talk about the future of housing and cities without addressing the emerging ecosystem — smart homes, smart cities, the internet of things, climate changes and disruptive demographics.

As we’ve written repeatedly, our goal is to cocreate an open ecosystem in real estate capable of delivering $ 30 billion annually in consumer savings – hence the hashtag #RE2020.  What’s on your list of “Top 20 Issues facing Real Estate Consumers” and would you like to be a guest on our chats in coming weeks?

What’s your vision of 2020 — the next Leap Year?  Jump in wherever you like.  Audio responses are easy to make by tapping on @Anchor link, but are limited to one minute. If you’d rather join this or future conversations offline in Boston follow #REonTap on Twitter for details (and photos below).


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