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It is a normal human psychology to be very excited and curious while buying a home in the US. For this reason, one has to be very certain of one’s choice, as well as diplomatic while meeting the seller or dealer. Survey has proved, a proper and successful deal is the one where a buyer knows how to talk their way to settlement.

House is a one-time investment; this should be kept in mind while buying and even more when talking to dealers. It is important to be subtle and calm so that, chances of getting economically deceived or losing an appropriate property gets reduced.

Things one should avoid saying to a seller being a homebuyer

“When you judge a person by his attitude, they do the same to you,” this is a major rule one should maintain while dealing with anything. The six things that better evade saying or doing in property are:

  1. “This is the perfect house.”

In the US, always check all available house options before showing your consent to one. If one person is doing so, he or she is calling for the following mishaps:

  • Forget the chance of negotiation or concession
  • The dealer or seller can charge extra by seeing that overwhelmed expression
  • They might skip showing other houses which could have served your preference better

It is always better to avoid giving an impression of being an ‘easy settler.’

  1. “The décor is so uncanny.”

Every person has their own perceptive and choice when it comes to home décor. But if a buyer is putting forward such a strong statement, it is likely for a seller to get a bit uncooperative.

  1. Absence of pre-approved mortgage letter

People have a tendency of checking out houses with an estimate that they will apply for as a loan. It is better to get an approved letter of agreement, for that amount to be sanctioned. If someone is not having that, it can call for the following problems:

  • Seller gets a negative idea and loses assurance from the buyer’s part
  • The buyer might not get that loan amount from bank
  • If you confirm verbally, the seller might give it away to a person with more documented certainty

It is better to prepare from beforehand so that the dealing process gets easier while buying a house in the United States.

  1. Commenting on the price

It is obvious for a buyer in the US to have a budget, for which one should talk to their agent and not to the dealer. The reason is that, if a person is commenting a house to be ‘overpriced’ or ‘underpriced,’ somehow a seller gets a bit negative. It is always more sensible to discuss the price before the tour.

  1. “How much is the agent charging?”

This is the worst possible question a homebuyer shouldn’t ever ask. If one is trying to negotiate or scrap paying the agent fee, be prepared to have less to no help in the future. Seller is usually not bothered once they get their money; it’s the agent who takes care of the further work.

  1. Avoid irrelevant queries

While buying something so integral, it is likely to have a lot of questions in mind. It is best if the homebuyer is sticking with property related questions. There are some very annoying questions asked by buyers:

  • Why are you selling this place?
  • Did any death occur in the house previously?
  • Do you think we look compatible with the house?
  • How are the neighbors?

As a homebuyer in the US, you can be curious and willing to ask, know or give your opinion on a property, but it is better to do it discreetly. So, before one is going to buy a house for them, make sure to be aware of all the things for creating a good impression about you.

By Duncan Wierman

Founder Boston Real Estate Investors Association