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South Africa has the most beatiful coastal town in the Western Cape called Hermanus. Hermanus is known as the ‘whale capital of the world’. Every year from as early as July in the Winter, the Southern right whale makes its appearance and spectators from accross the world come to this coastal town to whach the whales showing off their offspring.

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Race Point Beach is a good place to look for whales as well as dolphins. Sometimes distance spouts or blows are seen far offshore. Other times the whales may come in close to feed, traveling up and down the coastline where they are easy to see with the naked eye. Humpback and fin whales are the most commonly seen species but keep an eye out for the small, fast moving minke whales.

The two species of dolphins you’re likely to encounter in the Bay of Islands are the common dolphin and the bottlenose dolphin. The bottlenoses are the stereotype of what everyone expects dolphins to look like; the common dolphins have yellow patches on their sides. Both species can be really friendly towards humans, but they can also get boisterous and downright violent, which is why you’re not allowed in with them if they have calves to protect, or seem in a slightly odd mood.

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I was lucky enough to go on a whale watching expedition on a recent vacation. It was a two hour boat excursion off the coast of Alaska. Our guide remarked that rather than call it whale watching, it should be called whale waiting, since it was usual to spend much of the trip waiting to see the whales. He was dead right. For the first hour we didn’t sight even a hint of a whale. But then our patience was rewarded and we came upon a whole bunch of whales and remained with them for half an hour, watching and enjoying the presence of these majestic creatures.

Sea mammals are so magnificent that one stride of a killer whale will astonish you. They are so intelligent that you can train a dolphin to be your pet and sometimes they can be dangerous too. A polar bear can attack you to make you as its dinner. They are social animals and are an attraction in many water parks and observatories. If you are wondering, what these magnificent, intelligent and sometimes-dangerous animals eat, then you will find your answer below. Most of the mammals are found to be carnivorous which means, they kill the prey and enjoy their meal. Some of the carnivorous animals are Blue http://adoptrightwhales.blogspot.com, Killer whales, polar bears and sea lions.

Her score of 52.12 in the short is good, especially considering that her flip was downgraded. But her score of 87.19 in the free skate leaves a lot of room for improvement. She will need to be scoring in the 100s to 110s in the free skate to be competitive with the top ladies at Nationals. But this is her first competition back from an ankle injury last season and it is a promising start.

Every year a whale festival takes place in Hermanus during the month of September. This festival is a joyous occasion filled with music, theatre, fairs and even sporting events. People come from all over the world to marvel at these giant and graceful mammals. There is a wonderful atmosphere in Walker Bay and Hermanus during this time, where a variety of entertainment in available. From stalls, galleries and craft markets, to performers who delight in a variety of drama and comedy. Of course the highlight remains the land based whale watching!