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Utility Costs in all 50 States

No matter where you live, or where you own properties, you’re paying utility costs.  A recent report by move.org (illustrated by howmuch.net) took a look at the average costs for five utilities across the nation – electricity, natural gas, internet, cable and water.  They analyzed data from several...
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Breweries in the United States

A few weeks ago we shared the interactive American Community Survey Data Wheel with information about America’s changing population, housing and workforce.  Today we’ve got another one from the folks at the U.S. Census Bureau only this time showing the number of breweries per state, juxtaposed with important...
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Best & Worst States for Retirement

For many of us, retirement is a long way off.  However, if you’re a real estate investor, knowing where the hot spots are are, or will be, is essential to making good, sound investment decisions when targeting that “now-retiring” demographic – Baby Boomers.  The folks over at Bankrate.com...
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