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Perceptions of Real Estate Investment

We’ve seen similar survey results in many different forms and they always point to the same thing;  people know that real estate is one of the best investments for their money!   The folks over at HouseHunt.com put together this handy infographic to remind us that 27% of Americans...
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Five Real Estate Trends That Will Shape 2017?

The folks over at Realtor.com recently came up with a list of five trends that they believe will shape the world of real estate in 2017.  As in years past, their economic team analyzed economic indicators and market data to come up with their predictions for the coming...
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7 Strategies for Investing in International Real Estate

7 Strategies for Investing in International Real Estate Investing in the international real estate can be as risky as it is profitable. Unlike other types of investments, it generally requires a higher initial investment, as well as more research. However, it can be immensely profitable as well. There...
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