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The Short-Term Rental Plans of Investment Properties

Did you know 30% of those with vacation properties and 32% of those with investment properties planned to rent them in 2018 as a short-term rental? Today’s infographic from the National Association of Realtors takes a look at vacation and investment property owners’ short-term rental plans.  Happy Friday!!!...
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Perceptions of Real Estate Investment

We’ve seen similar survey results in many different forms and they always point to the same thing;  people know that real estate is one of the best investments for their money!   The folks over at HouseHunt.com put together this handy infographic to remind us that 27% of Americans...
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Real estate investment company to purchase Hudson Mall

Real estate investment company to purchase Hudson Mall JERSEY CITY – The Hudson Mall has been sold to a real estate investment trust that owns a number of malls and shopping centers, officials said in a news release. Urban Edge Properties has entered the process of acquiring the...
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