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New Year’s Facts

The final weekend of 2018 is now upon us.  We hope you had a great 2018 and wish you nothing but the best for whatever 2019 has in store!  Today’s rather large infographic from WalletHub shares over 5o New Years Facts – which are perfect to spark a...
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Memorial Day Facts

Monday, May 28th is Memorial Day.  To many, the three-day weekend will mark the unofficial start of summer with swimming pools all across the fruited plain opening to excited children.  However, the solemn significance of the day is often forgotten.  It is a national day of remembrance for...
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Women Homebuying Facts

What is the purchasing power of women when it comes to buying a home?  Mortgage insurer MGIC recently pulled together the following data to illustrate the purchasing power of women when it comes to homebuying.  After all, the 2nd largest group of homebuyers, after married couples, are single...
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