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As an avid reader of this site, you know that we’ve had several posts about Miami Beach cracking down on short-term rentals.  In late September, the city implemented a strict new law designed to prevent widespread illegal rentals, partly resulting from previously reported issues and problems.  CNBC is reporting that online platforms with listings in Miami Beach are now required to list specific business license information on their sites.  The report says the new regulations were modeled after San Francisco’s and requires platforms to list the property owner’s city-issued tax receipt number and the resort tax registration certificate number for each listing.  In addition, rentals for less than six months and one day are prohibited in the city unless the property is in a legally permissible zone.  Short-term rentals are already largely illegal in the residential areas of the city.  Did you get all that?

Click here to read the full story on CNBC.com.


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